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Rowan’s Bookstore Offers a Wide Variety of Clothing Choices

February 11, 2011

Out with the old and in with the new.  Rowan’s new Barnes and Noble bookstore celebrated its official grand opening on January 19th.  This two-story behemoth includes a Starbucks Cafe, an adorable children’s reading section, and most importantly, a large selection of Rowan clothing and accessories.

Stylish students need stylish college gear.  It’s that simple.  Does the new Rowan bookstore offer a little something for everyone? In this reporter’s opinion, yes!

I caught up with store manager Betsy Davis, the one responsible for choosing the graphics and clothing combinations that are available in the bookstore.  “I try to change it up every semester,” said Davis ” It’s tough to strike a balance between choosing colorful clothing and buying the school colors.  People like having a color choices but there are always people who come in and want to see brown and gold.”

Aside from choosing color combinations, Davis is somewhat limited due to copyrights.  For example, the Prof head can only be used with the slanted “athletic font” since the Prof graphic is considered part of the athletic department.

However, Davis tends to get around the limitations in order to provide students, teachers, alumni, parents, and infants with the Rowan gear they love.

This long-sleeve T-shirt looks especially comfy.  I like the relaxed neckline.  A small cut out for the neck tends to be the downfall of a lot of clothing made by the typical suppliers.

These T-shirts had some really interesting patterns.

I loved this Rowan athletic jacket.  Later I saw someone wearing one on campus.  It says “Rowan Profs” in an arch along the back.

This sweatshirt is similar to those offered by Victoria’s Secret Pink.  The velvet inside the hood is a perfect detail.

Luckily for those of us who may get tired of the brown-eyed susan color scheme, there are many options aside from the various brown and gold choices.

This particular design showed a lot of outside-the-box thought.  I loved it so much, I bought one.

These yoga pants are a new edition.

Rain boots are also new to the bookstore.  Betsy Davis said they have been selling out like crazy.  It’s a simple idea but a super smart one!

Scarves and gloves to shield you from the winter wind are also available.

My absolute favorite new offers in the clothing department come in small packages.

Baby clothes for the little Prof in your family.

Overall, I was considerably impressed with amount of new and classic designs available in the bookstore.  Chances are, anyone looking for the perfect article of clothing to show their Rowan pride will be able to find something here.


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  1. Laura Keating permalink
    February 11, 2011 1:30 pm

    i love the little yellow baby tee with the owl.

  2. February 28, 2011 7:20 pm

    Again, you did a fabulous job. I didn’t know there was this much stuff that I would buy that was Rowan Apparel.

    Suggestion- I know it can be pricey… maybe mention a couple of prices? The price is another reason why I don’t really buy Rowan Apparel.

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