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Current Trends on Campus Mid-February 2011

February 19, 2011

1. North Face Jackets

Photo Source: Trailblazer Hub on Flickr

The simple North Face fleece jacket has become a huge trend on Rowan’s campus.  Everyone I’ve spoken to has assured me that they are especially warm and cozy for how light  they are.  Certainly North Face must be doing something right to have garnered the attention of so many students at Rowan.  Most people opt for a simple black but signs of more colorful styles have been popping up.  My prediction: This trend is not going anywhere soon.  My advice: Try out the more colorful choices for this spring and even next winter. Functionality doesn’t have to dictate fashion.

2. Boots


Photo Source: Lunar Castle on Flickr

Despite the controversy over the attractiveness of UGG boots, they have remained popular for years.  Similar to North Face, UGG boots are warm and comfortable.  My Prediction: UGGs have solidified a spot in fashion thus far.  I do not see them fading away within the next few years.  My Advice: As with the North Face, try out new colors and styles.  Black or brown can become boring.


Military is a fairly new trend.  Most shoe brands now offer something in the way of a military style lace-up boot.  Students are pairing them with outfits that range from a pretty dress to jeans with a structured coat.  My Prediction: Military is most likely going to go by the wayside by Fall 2012.  My Advice:  Better known designers charge a lot for an intricately  designed shoe.  When looking for a military boot, search stores like TJ Max and Payless before going to an more expensive store.  Also, do not be afraid to rock these boots through the spring.


Photo Source: Jronaldlee on Flickr

Riding boots are a more streamlined style of boot.  Modeled after horseback riding boots, riding boots are usually knee high, leather, and equipped with a bit of hardware.  My Prediction:  Just because riding boots are in style now does not necessarily mean that they will go out of style.  A simple and classy boot is always a good staple for any wardrobe.  My Advice: Consider getting a pair of these for the future.  The fact that they are popular now means they will be available in stores like Target where you can get a good pair for half the price of a designer pair.

3. Pops of Color

Photo Source: Ed Yourdon on Flickr

Adding a pop of color to your outfit, whether it be in the form of shoes or bag, is never a bad idea.  I’ve noticed a lot of bright pea coats and bags on campus this month.  A bright color immediately draws the eye and livens up a dark outfit.  My Prediction: using a colorful element in your outfit is aesthetically pleasing and works with any type of style.  You can’t go wrong.  My advice: With spring coming up, look for a bright bag, pair of shoes, or jacket to make yourself stand out.

Vera Bradley

Photo Source: ImGz on Wikicommons

Vera Bradley bags have been around for a while and many have been appearing on campus lately.  There are different patterns available, so it easy to find one that suits your own personal style.  My Prediction: Vera Bradley bags and accessories are cute but I think they are simply a passing phase.  My Advice:  Since they are so colorful, the best time to use one of these bags is in the spring or summer.  There are also a few new designs that are more classic like the Convertible Kisslock or the Vera Vera.

That’s all for this month’s trend report.  What trends have you been noticing on campus?

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  1. February 28, 2011 7:13 pm

    I love all the links, you make it very easy for a person to get to everything and thats very helpful!

    Suggestion- Do a section on all different types of boots!

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