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Great Places for College Students to Shop Online

February 26, 2011

We all have our favorite stores.  However, some of them are a little too expensive to shop at regularly.  Sometimes, you can find a similar item at a cheaper price on one of the following websites:


Charlotte Russe

Personally, I am in love with the selection at Charlotte Russe (especially the shoe section).  While most stores would price an over-the-knee boot at $70 or more, Charlotte Russe had them for sale for $30.  Students who purchase online also get a 10% discount off their order by typing “Student” in the promotion code box.

Forever 21

Forever 21 is a really good substitute for the pricey items at Urban Outfitters because their merchandise is similar.  For instance, this denim button up is $44 at Urban Outfitters.

At Forever 21, a shirt that looks the same is only $19.90.


The prices on ModCloth vary.  Some items are more expensive than you might expect but some items are less expensive than you would expect.  ModCloth offers a lot of unique clothing and accessories.  Plus, their sale prices are extremely reasonable.

Go Jane

Go Jane offers a lot in the way of cheap “party going” clothes, which, most college aged girls need.  However, they also have a few “underground”-like picks. I found this skirt on Go Jane for a fraction of the cost of the one on Urban Outfitter’s website:

Urban Outfitters:


Girls and Guys:


Most items on Etsy are handmade and not as expensive as items available in boutiques that specialize in the unique.  For instance, this owl ring is only $8.99.



Target has a lot of great basics at a good price.  When compared with a basic striped button-up from Hollister, this Mossimo button-up certainly seems more appealing:

$6.98 at Target versus $34.65 at Hollister


Into skate and surf clothing? CCS offers everything from t-shirts to shoes for guys and girls.  When compared to PacSun the savings are beyond obvious!


$24.99 at CCS versus $50.00 at PacSun


It’s crazy that two different stores would have the same exact sweatshirt for sale with such a drastic price difference!

I hope this guide introduced you to a few new shopping destinations!  Remember, when you spot a really great t-shirt but it’s a bit out of your price range, try to visit a store that may have a similar item at a lower price.

Are there any other great places to shop that you know of?

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  1. February 28, 2011 6:51 pm

    I liked how you had pictures for everything on here and that it was varied as to wear a student could shop. I also like how you mentioned prices and links to all of the websites.

    Suggestion-Break it into boys, girls, going out, cheap, casual, fancy, etc. This way you can post more information about each store.


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