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Black Cultural League to Hold Fashion Show this Friday

April 5, 2011

The BCL will be holding their annual fashion show fundraiser this Friday, April 8th, in Pfleeger Hall at 7:00pm.  The show this year is called “Se La Mode” and will feature garments from an array of designers.  Club President, Lanre Odunlami, answers a few questions about the upcoming event:

Q: Who, within the club, is in charge of putting on the show?

A: I have agreed to take on the position as the facilitator and organizer of the show. Basically what I do is deal with the contract for designers and organize the structure of the show and make sure the committee is staying on task with the vision.  Each year a new committee is put in charge to handle the fashion show, they try to make it grow each time. The committee and I believe that this year will be the rebirth of our fashion show.

Q: Why did you choose to put on a fashion show?

A: Well the club puts on numerous events, but we choose a fashion show as one of our fun events to put on because it expresses our culture. Our organization’s mission statement is to spread cultural awareness, and one way in which we are able to do this is through our fashion show.

Q: What kind of fashions will be featured in the show?

A: We have some high end fashion pieces in this show by designers such as Tasha and Exclusive for you. They will be providing gowns, lingerie, and swim suits. But, then we also have some urban trendy fashion. We tried to be diverse in our selection of designers and clothes they present.

Q: Where are the proceeds from the event going?

A: This event is in support of our club. This is one of the ways we raise money for our club.

“This is going to be a great show, very entertaining and fun. Also the show will be a little different if you ask me,” says Odunlami.

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