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Summer Break

May 6, 2011

Summer Break signifies the end of many things.  School is over, with it entails the end of my online journalism class and the end of my obligation to continue posting on this blog.  I would, in all honesty, love to continue this blog.  Campus Lookbook embodies all that I am passionate about: fashion, photography, journalism and more.  I have had such a wonderful experience working on this blog throughout the semester.  It has helped me to grow as a person and connect with people who share the same passions.  Looking back, here are a few of the posts I am most happy with:

On The Street – One of my On-The-Street posts with photos of fashionable Rowan students.  I am very proud of all of them!

Building a Professional Wardrobe While In School – I spoke to a student in the education department about the importance of starting to add professional looking garment to your wardrobe early on. (Includes audio.)

Se La Mode – I covered this year’s fashion show hosted by the BCL and created a short video based on the footage I gathered.  I loved this event because I was able to meet so many people.

Link-O-Rama – I provided a ton of links for students looking to delve deeper into the world of fashion.

Great Places for College Students to Shop Online – I was able to use my own personal experiences with online shopping to offer students some of the best and cheapest places to shop online.

I am so thankful to have had the experiences I have had, and therefore, would love to continue my work.  Unfortunately, Campus Lookbook is not much of a blog without a campus to cover.  Hopefully, I will be able to continue working on projects like this one the future which utilize all of the skills I love.

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