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Behind The Scenes Photos: Se La Mode

April 14, 2011


BCL Fashion Show Video

April 10, 2011

Se La Mode was held by the Black Cultural League on April 8th 2011 at 7:ooPM.  Students walked in the show, wearing both their own clothes and designer garments.  The event raised money for the BCL.

The fashion show was a lot of fun and entertaining.  Here is a video I edited about the event!

BCL Fashion Show Video Teaser

April 9, 2011

“Se La Mode” was an amazing event.  I will have a video up later in the week but for now, here are some teaser photos from last night!

“Lillie” designs by Latasha.




Student Designers to be Featured in Upcoming Fashion Show

April 5, 2011

Bomba Dulce is a collective of artists at Rowan University specializing in printing a variety of  t-shirts.  Their designs will be featured in the upcoming fashion show “Se La Mode” hosted by the Black Cultural League on Friday, April 8th in Pfleeger Hall at 7:00PM.

Twesh Chowdhury, psychology major and co-founder of Bomba Dulce, told me the story behind this fashion-forward collective.

Q: How would you describe Bomba Dulce?

A: Bomba Dulce is a build-up of artistic expression clashed with determination to push forward our ideas and thoughts to the next level.

Q: How did Bomba Ducle start?

A: This was spontaneous, totally spontaneous. Over the winter break in 2010, I went to the local art store, got some paint and got some brushes, and an x-acto knife. I started making some simple stencils to print out some letters on some socks. I made a couple and it looked pretty legit. It later hit me, I could just make a bigger stencil and throw it on a white tee. James gave me a lot of ideas and suggested we just make our own brand, but I never took that seriously. So I printed out some pictures of celebrities, converted them into stencils and spray painted them, and those came out great. When I got back to school I made a couple more shirts for my self, then I hooked up my RA’s with some shirts. Slowly but surely James and me started getting people from all around campus asking us for a T-shirt, everybody wanted customized designs. Then we were like…let’s make some money off this, why not? I bought a bunch of blank t-shirts, printed some designs and sold out in like a couple of days. Then we just drew our own designs and made them ourselves, and got a lot of ideas from other people, but we stopped printing customized designs for everybody. Then our shirts showed up on a lot of different people’s backs. I got an invite to the 2011 Rowan Fashion Show. After that I had so many orders I pulled in a few other friends to help me finish them off, and even get me some more. Bomba Dulce was born.

Q: Where did Bomba Dulce get its name?

A: The name came from our co-founder, James Parker. Bomba Dulce is “sweet bomb” in Spanish, which is an almost like an oxymoron. It brings the good and the bad together, like an ying-yang effect.

Q: Who else is involved in Bomba Ducle?

A: The members involved are Andy Charles, Mike Maiden, James Parker and I. We are all freshmen here at Rowan University, with a common motivation spirit to push our ideas forward.

Q: Where can people find your designs and order your t-shirts?

A: To show some love to our campus, if you are a Rowan student, all T-shirts are available for a discounted price if you leave a comment on our Facebook page ( we will deliver it to you ourselves.

Q: How did Bomba Dulce get involved in the upcoming fashion show?

A: After a couple of weeks Bomba Dulce was created, one of the members of the BCL (Black Cultural League) came across one of my shirts and invited me to the fashion show as a designer.

Q: Do you plan on continuing Bomba Dulce after your graduate?

A: I do expect to grow and continue Bomba Dulce for as long as I can. Even though Bomba Dulce just started, it has a long way to go. We’re have a lot of fun doing our work with Bomba Dulce.

*Photos Courtesy Twesh Chowdhury

Black Cultural League to Hold Fashion Show this Friday

April 5, 2011

The BCL will be holding their annual fashion show fundraiser this Friday, April 8th, in Pfleeger Hall at 7:00pm.  The show this year is called “Se La Mode” and will feature garments from an array of designers.  Club President, Lanre Odunlami, answers a few questions about the upcoming event:

Q: Who, within the club, is in charge of putting on the show?

A: I have agreed to take on the position as the facilitator and organizer of the show. Basically what I do is deal with the contract for designers and organize the structure of the show and make sure the committee is staying on task with the vision.  Each year a new committee is put in charge to handle the fashion show, they try to make it grow each time. The committee and I believe that this year will be the rebirth of our fashion show.

Q: Why did you choose to put on a fashion show?

A: Well the club puts on numerous events, but we choose a fashion show as one of our fun events to put on because it expresses our culture. Our organization’s mission statement is to spread cultural awareness, and one way in which we are able to do this is through our fashion show.

Q: What kind of fashions will be featured in the show?

A: We have some high end fashion pieces in this show by designers such as Tasha and Exclusive for you. They will be providing gowns, lingerie, and swim suits. But, then we also have some urban trendy fashion. We tried to be diverse in our selection of designers and clothes they present.

Q: Where are the proceeds from the event going?

A: This event is in support of our club. This is one of the ways we raise money for our club.

“This is going to be a great show, very entertaining and fun. Also the show will be a little different if you ask me,” says Odunlami.

Spring Cleaning: A Clutter-Free Closet

April 2, 2011

I’m lucky enough to have a large closet that I do not need to clean out on a regular basis at home. But, seriously, those university closets are way too small! If you find yourself facing an overflowing closet, it may be time to go through all your clothes to determine what stays and what deserves to be gone forever. Both of these posts will help you in your escapades.

Remember, Plato’s Closet, a store that will buy your gently used clothing is located a short distance away in Deptford!

What are you looking forward to filling that new space with?

Transitioning into Spring

April 2, 2011

The time between winter and spring is difficult.  It isn’t bright an sunny enough to wear all light colors and it isn’t cold enough to keep the all black ensembles.  Here are some ways to keep wearing those winter staples into spring.

1. Black Skirt

Blacks skirts are classic and sophisticated.  To move them into spring, pair them with light, warm colors.  To make sure the black doesn’t overpower the lighter colors, continue the color in your shoes and accessories.

Black in Spring

Black in Spring by danielleuniverse featuring elastic waist skirts

2. Black Pants

Black pants are great because they match everything.  To give them a brighter look use color blocking or an outfit theme such as nautical.

Black Pants in Spring

Black Pants in Spring by danielleuniverse featuring mid rise skinny jeans

3. Dark Tights

Bright tights can be too much for some people.  To continue wearing your dark colored tights try wearing them under shorts.

Black Tights in Spring

Black Tights in Spring by danielleuniverse featuring short shorts

4. Sweater

A cozy sweater can still be worn with some light colored pants or a skirt.

Sweaters in Spring

Sweaters in Spring by danielleuniverse featuring flat shoes

5. Boots

Bring a sense of lightness to heavy winter boots with a flowy skirt or top.

Boots in Spring

Boots in Spring by danielleuniverse featuring suede boots